Flashpoint invests in WOWFit

WoWFit, 1-on-1 online fitness classes with a professional trainer, today announces it has raised a $300K Pre-Seed round from Phystech Leadership Fund (PLF), established by Flashpoint Venture Capital and I2BF and angel investors, including Denis Smetnev, co-founder of Skyeng and founders of “Edutech group”.

The total market is valued at approximately 20 mln people of which 10% regularly go to the gym, where 10% take personal training. Potential addressable market is valued at 200k people who cannot afford gyms’ annual subscription but would like to take personal training.

Evgeny Kozunov, CEO and co-founder of WOWFit, commented: “The company plans to enhance its marketing team and test english speaking markets with the capital raised within the round”.

Anton Fedorov, managing partner of PLP and partner of Flashpoint Venture Capital Fund added: “The pandemic was the catalyst for three megatrends at once: the flow from offline to online services, a focus on health, and the mobility of life. WOWFit combines all three trends and is rapidly taking over the online fitness training market”.

Nikolay Chernyshov, СМО and co-founder of WOWFit commented on the news: “We are pleased to announce that we are actively expanding and are actively looking for a Middle-Senior Growth Hacker / Performance Marketer who is ready to change the wellness, health and happiness market with us, creating a global ecosystem of fitness services”.