Venture Capital


  • Focus on late-seed and Series A stage companies, however could consider seed investments in areas of our sector expertise or with co-investors we know.
  • The sweet spot is B2B software and tech-enabled solutions, however, we also invest in compelling marketplaces and consumer applications.
  • Vertical wise we are quite agnotics, but have done substantial work across 6 broad categories:
    • Hospitality & Travel
    • Real Estate & Construction
    • Retail and Supply Chain
    • Education
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare IT
  • Initial check size of US$0.5 – 10m, following up to US$20m over the life of our investment from the fund and captable to exercise our pro-rata via our LP co-investments across late-stage.
  • We are seeking 10 – 20% stakes depending on company stage and check size. Flashpoint mostly often sits on the board to spend meaningful time with our founders and unlock value-add.

Investment criteria

  • Founders with domain expertise having achieved good initial traction (US$50 – 500k MRR) and tackling a sizable problem.
  • Compelling product with sticky customers and low/negative churn.
  • Business models with solid economics and LTV/CACs above 3x.
  • Scalable sales/marketing channels, either inbound or outbound.
  • First-mover or other lasting competitive advantage.
  • Time horizon to potential exit is not a major consideration (typically we are shareholders for 6 – 10 years)