Investment Approach

πŸ”Ž Selective

While we are reviewing several thousand opportunities a year, trying to find the ones that match our investment strategy and criteria, we devote our full attention to every opportunity and founder story.

🎨 Creative

We are trying to be flexible with deal structures and forms of capital within our investment mandate to make sure we meet the goals of founders, companies and various other stakeholders. 

πŸ“Š Data-driven

Our investment approach relies on a proprietary scoring model tailored for each investment strategy. It allows us to collect information in an organised way, make and benchmark our decisions over time.

⏳ Patient

We are patient investors who would like to support founders from a very early stage to a successful exit. We don’t shy away from problems in the journey of company building.

β™Ύ Persistent

We structure our work with companies around a narrow set of goals. We apply all our efforts, network, resources and energy to make sure these goals are achieved.

πŸ’₯ High value-add

Over time our team members have developed expertise and a network that have proven useful to the founders of our partner companies.

Value Add

πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’Ό HR

  • Candidates & headhunters search, top management interviews & selection.
  • Implementing advanced internal remuneration & motivation systems.
  • Facilitating CFO function through set-up of reporting systems and hiring functional personnel.

β™Ÿ Board involvement

  • Actively  thinking about product/sales/marketing strategy.
  • Formulating the strategic agenda, including: international expansion, M&A, capital markets strategies.
  • Sharing best practices for various aspects of the business as we are reviewing ca. 2,000 companies a year and have helped many companies grow from early stages.

πŸ•Έ Network

  • Access to 500 top-tier experts from 100+ companies & 50+ industries originating from all over the world. 
  • Network to support portfolio companies with pilot projects, sales and marketing efforts & transformational IT integrations

🏒 Corporate Finance

  • Promotion of portfolio companies to potential investors.
  • Assistance with defining fundraising strategy and deal structure, preparation of materials.
  • Selection of relevant strategic investors and advisors.
  • Advisory on negotiations of key terms and deal documents.
  • Captable clean-up through selective secondary follow-on deals.