Flashpoint participates in $10M series A round of OfficeRnD

OfficeRnD, a flex space and hybrid work management platform, raised $10M in a Series A funding round led by Runa Capital with the participation of Flashpoint Venture Capital and LAUNCHub Ventures. The company will focus on marketing programs to support a growing range of products, expanding market share and growing partnerships.

Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index report found that 73% of employees expressed a desire for flexible work options post-pandemic while 66% of businesses were considering redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work environments. Companies like Google, Twitter, and Adobe are publicly committed to a flexible workplace model. A CNBC survey of top executives in human resources, finance and technology indicated that 45% of companies will use a hybrid work model in the second half of 2021.

Providing a flexible and hybrid work experience is a new challenge for most landlords and office managers. OfficeRnD helps over 1000 customers manage more than 2000 flex spaces and deliver a “work from anywhere” experience to tens of thousands of tenants and more than 300 000 employees. OfficeRnD’s solutions cover all the critical aspects of managing a flexible work environment (coworking, flex space, or corporate hybrid) including resource scheduling, employee/member engagement, and financial management through both web and mobile applications.

“Technology has been on a steady path of enabling flexible work for over a decade and COVID has only served to accelerate the process. OfficeRnD has been a thought leader in defining and enabling flexible work models that help companies maximize the yield of their real estate while driving up people’s engagement”, says Miroslav Miroslavov, Co-founder and CEO at OfficeRnD. “Our platform allows landlords, flex workspace operators, and companies to engage people and manage their workplace on a flexible-first principle”.

“OfficeRnD has become extremely relevant for the industry that is largely shifting to a hybrid work model having tested it during the pandemic”says Dmitry Chikhachev, General Partner at Runa Capital. “A lot of companies we know have grown yet kept the same lease on their office and now realize they want to use it differently and provide more opportunities to their employees”.