SummerSaaS pitch competition and VC conference joined by the leading VCs of Emerging Europe and Israel

3rd annual SummerSaaS conference for venture capital firms and tech startups with founders from Emerging Europe and Israel is scheduled for June 9, 2022 in online format and will feature the pitch competition and VC panel discussions on trending topics, as well as corporate panel with the region’s leading technology companies.


SummerSaaS grew from a pure pitching competition back in 2020 to the VC conference — simultaneously to the pitch sessions we will have a series of panel discussions on key market topics:

  1. Saas Venture Capital Trends and Insights by Dealroom
  2. Unbundling European and Israel angel investing
  3. Navigating European Tech private markets
  4. Tech Cyprus: Exploring the Opportunities
  5. Emerging Europe and Israeli tech winning the world market
  6. Why is Venture Debt under-represented in CEE?
  7. How to ace a marketplace
  8. Digitalisation of Venture Capital
  9. Venture Scouting in Europe

Top representatives of Nasdaq, Speedinvest, Dealroom, Beringea, Dawn Capital, Numerator, PlanRadar, Kondracki Celej Adwokaci sp.k., Omnipack, Booksy, AllSet, and many others will participate in the panel discussions.


Pitch competition will cover five tracks:

  1. Vertical Saas (construction, real-estate, logistics, etc.),
  2. Horizontal Saas (productivity, sales, HR, support),
  3. Developer Tools (R&D productivity, product analytics, DevOps),
  4. Fintech,
  5. New Economy (Gig economy, Web3).

25 pre-selected startups will pitch in front of the Partners from the leading pan-European and regional Venture Capital firms who agreed to judge at the pitch competition this year:

  1. 3VC
  2. 500 startups
  3. Brightcap ventures
  4. Cherry Ventures
  5. Credo
  6. DayOne
  7. Dell Capital
  8. EarlyGame
  9. FilRouge
  10. GR Capital
  11. Inovo
  12. Inventure
  13. LaunchHub
  14. Lighthouse
  15. Market One Capital
  16. Oktogon VC
  17. OTB
  18. Portfolion
  19. Presto
  20. SMOK VC
  21. South Central
  22. SpeedInvest
  23. Superhero Capital
  24. UNIQA Ventures
  25. Vendep
  26. Venture Friends

All startups applied for the pitch- competition will be presented within Startup Alley.

To join SummerSaaS 2022 please get your free ticket here

This year event is supported by Sprinto Technology Inc. and Trident Trust