200+ Emails of the Most Active Angels in Israel

Global financial markets have been disrupted recently, inevitably affecting private markets around the world. Early-stage start-ups find themselves in a particularly difficult and risky environment as investors start to become hesitant in these market conditions.

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If you’ve been observing this sector for the past 10 years you know how it is full of ups and downs. Yes, you guessed it, we are in a down. Fundraising operates very differently across various stages of a startup’s lifecycle, but often the most difficult and intimidating task for an entrepreneur is raising that first check. We have already started to observe a decrease in Investments in the US private market compared to the year 2021, this inevitably will affect the European and Israeli markets. This is especially relevant when talking about early-stage funding.

Since we published our list we have been approached by dozens of startups thanking us, we have been approached by Angels asking us to add their name or update some of the details. We have also been approached by angels asking us to take their names off the list, showing the misuse some entrepreneurs did with it. Furthermore, there was one more comment that we decided to take more seriously and that was the lack of female angels. We tried to make a special effort to add more females to the list as we understand the importance of it but please don’t hesitate to suggest more names that we may have missed.