Flashpoint Automates its Venture Scout Program

Following a period of rapid growth to more than 30 scouts across Europe and the US, the program is set to be automated to drive growth to 100+ Scouts.

February 16, London – Flashpoint, an international tech investment firm, is increasing the scale, speed and success of its Venture Scout Program by fully automating its capabilities to ensure investment opportunities are identified and executed rapidly. 

Scouting is a trend that is gaining momentum in startup communities around the world as VC firms seek to leverage the extensive networks and early-stage intelligence that scouts possess. Leads to potential investments are sourced by increasingly broad referrer networks that are built on trust and strong relationships from a broad network of advisors and professionals who are looking to enter the venture capital world. Flashpoint expanded its program significantly in January 2023, receiving more than 100 applications in two weeks. 

Flashpoint initially launched the program in 2021, to look for individuals who are close to tech communities within Flashpoint’s geographical focus. Since its launch, the program has grown to more than 30 Scouts throughout Europe and the US. By the end of the year, Flashpoint expects to have more than 100 Scouts who are either tech experts, startup lawyers, tech executives, or entrepreneurs close to a local tech community and are looking to help founders grow their businesses.

Flashpoint is now aiming to streamline the program by reducing correspondence times, increasing transparency and reducing response times. Scouts can now receive instant notifications when a lead status has changed. The screening process undertaken by scouts remains unchanged, though a new compensation strategy will maximise scouts’ income. 

Numerous advantages come with being a Scout: 

  • it provides a unique opportunity to become part of the VC community and expand Scouts’ networks. 
  • access to Flashpoint’s existing financial, legal and transactional resources is provided, and 
  • Scouts receive regular updates on the performance of Flashpoint funds and the Scouting program while also tapping into Flashpoint’s broader marketing initiatives. 
  • Flashpoint pays commissions for each lead generated (early Stage VC transactions), and every deal (Venture Debt and Secondary transactions). Scouts can search for potential LPs as part of their fee-based scouting mandate.

The program is open for applications. For more information on how to access the program, watch THIS video and contact Persia Georgiadou at  persia@flashpointvc.com

About Flashpoint
Flashpoint is a multistage international data-driven venture capital firm with approx. $400 million AUM focused on tech companies originating in Europe and Israel. Flashpoint manages six venture funds: four VC funds, a Venture Debt Fund, and a Secondary Fund. The firm has been headquartered in London since 2015 and has offices in New York, Tel-Aviv, Budapest, Warsaw, Riga and Nicosia. 

Investors in Flashpoint’s funds include Széchenyi Funds, a Hungarian fund manager, and more than 130 major family offices and HNWIs. The funds have made investments in 59 companies including names such as Guesty, Chili Piper, and Office RnD. Flashpoint has completed 12 exits, including the sale of its stakes in Shazam (to Apple), Chess.com (to PokerStars founders and General Atlantic), Marketman (to PSG), and Gurushots (to Zedge).