Flashpoint announces 15th Exit after Clausematch success

August 29, 2023 – London – New York – San Francisco – Flashpoint is pleased to announce its exit from Clausematch, the global RegTech company pioneering the automation of policy management and compliance for regulated industries, following its acquisition by Corlytics. This merger creates a platform that manages the entire regulatory risk value chain on a global scale. 

Flashpoint participated in Clausematch’s 2022 US$10.8M strategic investment round via Flashpoint’s Venture Debt Fund I. Flashpoint’s exit from Clausematch marks an important milestone, representing the Group’s 15th exit and the Venture Debt team’s second.

The acquisition of Clausematch positions the Corlytics Group as a partner not only for all regulatory monitoring and compliance operations but also in supporting regulatory attestation within the entire governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and enterprise risk management (ERM) universe. Clausematch founder and CEO Evgeny Likhoded will take up the position of President of Corlytics.

Clausematch successfully expanded globally, servicing 14 out of the top 50 global banks positioning it as the leader in the compliance software domain. Towards the end of last year the company’s customer base in North America exceeded 180,000 users.The business’ offering – software-as-a-service platform (SaaS) for smart management of compliance documents and processes – has proved extremely attractive to regulated companies as they seek to meet increasingly complex and evolving compliance obligations.

Donatella Callegaris, Managing Partner of Flashpoint Venture Debt Fund I, says: “I am delighted for all of the Clausematch team as they embark on the next stage of their journey together with Corlytics. This acquisition presents tremendous synergistic opportunities for Corlytics and the Clausematch platform as they join forces to provide a unique offering combining policy management and compliance software with integrated regulatory content, thus managing the entire regulatory risk value chain. I have very much enjoyed our journey with Jay and the Clausematch team and wish them every success in the new venture.”

About Flashpoint Venture Capital 

Flashpoint is an international tech investment manager with approx. $400 million AUM focused on international tech companies originating out of Europe and Israel. Flashpoint manages five venture funds: three VC funds, a Venture Debt Fund, and a Secondary Fund. The firm is  headquartered in London and has offices in New York, Tel-Aviv, Budapest, Warsaw, Riga and Nicosia. 

Investors in Flashpoint’s funds include Széchenyi Funds, a Hungarian fund manager, and more than 130 major family offices and HNWIs. The funds have made investments in 64 companies including names such as Guesty, Chili Piper, and Office RnD. Flashpoint has completed 15 exits, including the sale of its stakes in Shazam (to Apple), Chess.com (to PokerStars founders and General Atlantic), Marketman (to PSG), and Gurushots (to Zedge).

Our mission at Flashpoint is to bring together capital, knowledge, people and best practices and help socially responsible development. Monetary returns are of course important, but non-tangible aspects of our work are equally important for our team. We have invested a third of our capital in themes that change the world for the better, this includes investments into e-learning, telemedicine, online job platforms.

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