Noam Wolf, Partner at Flashpoint

Noam Wolf is an accomplished CEO renowned for his transformative work in the restaurant and technology sectors. With a career spanning telecommunications, mobile gaming, and multimedia technologies, Noam’s expertise is wide-ranging.

Starting as a Sales Manager at Flash Networks, Noam’s early career immersed him in telecommunications and network technologies. His passion for innovation led him to found Mintmark, where he pioneered mobile internet services and content distribution. 

Venturing into mobile gaming as a Sales Manager at PixelPlay, Noam deepened his tech expertise. In 2012, he founded SayWhat Labs and co-founded The Restaurant Network in 2015, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

However, it’s his role as CEO of MarketMan since July 2012 that’s truly transformative. MarketMan’s platform has reimagined restaurant and hospitality operations, empowering small businesses with tools for inventory management and performance analysis on par with industry giants.

He holds a BA in Computer Science and Business Management from the Open University of Israel.