Value Add

We are excited to be constantly learning by doing. We strive to be an active investor helping founders across a number of key functions. Below are areas, in which we are focusing our efforts:

👩🏼‍💼 HR

  • Candidates & headhunters search, top management interviews & selection.
  • Implementing advanced internal remuneration & motivation systems.
  • Facilitating CFO function through set-up of reporting systems and hiring functional personnel.

🕸 Network

  • Access to 500 top-tier experts from 100+ companies & 50+ industries originating from all over the world. 
  • Network to support portfolio companies with pilot projects, sales and marketing efforts & transformational IT integrations

Board involvement

  • Actively  thinking about product/sales/marketing strategy.
  • Formulating the strategic agenda, including: international expansion, M&A, capital markets strategies.
  • Sharing best practices for various aspects of the business as we are reviewing ca. 2,000 companies a year and have helped many companies grow from early stages.

🏢 Corporate Finance

  • Promotion of portfolio companies to potential investors.
  • Assistance with defining fundraising strategy and deal structure, preparation of materials.
  • Selection of relevant strategic investors and advisors.
  • Advisory on negotiations of key terms and deal documents.
  • Captable clean-up through selective secondary follow-on deals.